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CECIL'S 4 Proceedings
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Anna Bondaruk Preface 7-8
Janayna Carvalho A Parallelism Between vP and DP in Partial pro-drop Languages: The Case of Number in Brazilian Portuguese 9-28
Tomasz Czerniak Word-Initial Clusters in Welsh: A Typological Analysis 29-46
Natalia Dudek An Alternative Representation of Schwa in English 47-55
Dawei Jin Revisiting the Licensing Condition of the Aboutness Relation 56-77
Dara Jokilehto Finnish Contrastive Topics Get Passports to the Left Periphery 78-97
Kinga Lis ‘The Simplest and Most Proper’ English of the 14th-Century Richard Rolle’s Psalter Rendition 98-121
Richard Madsen A Statistical Model of Learning Descriptive Grammar 122-138
Pascal Montchaud Reciprocal Connection in French 139-155
Katarzyna Nosidlak Personality Traits and Second Language Pedagogy 156-168
Anna Prażmowska Is Unlike Coordination against the Law (of the Coordination of Likes)? 169-184


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Bondaruk, Anna, Anna Bloch-Rozmej, Wojciech Malec, Ewelina Mokrosz, and Sławomir Zdziebko, eds. 2015. Young Minds vs. Old Questions in Linguistics: Proceedings of the Fourth Central European Conference in Linguistics for Postgraduate Students. Lublin: The Institute of East-Central Europe and the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin.